What to do if you require Additional Needs and Disability Adaptations to SFA

Housing adaptations

If you have an Additional Needs and Disability Adaptions (ANDA) requirement here we share with you how to make a request and our top tips to help things run smoothly.

When you have a requirement, we advise you act promptly because it can take time to source and/or adapt SFA to meet needs.

How to request ANDA for SFA?

If you are moving to a new property, use the e-1132 form (Application Form to Occupy Service Family Accommodation (SFA)) to emphasise the requirement for either additional needs, such as an extra room and, or adaptations to the property.

If you are applying for adaptations to SFA that you occupy, you need to contact Amey on: 0800 707 6000 and select option 3 for Occupancy Services.

Whether the adaptations are for the property you occupy or one you are moving to, to support your application you will need to provide an Occupational Therapist Report to the Amey Occupancy Services Team (OST) at the earliest opportunity.

Local Health Authorities can provide this service, it is important to be aware in some authorities there may be a significant delay, and in such instances you should discuss this with the Amey OST.

Our ANDA recommendations

To ensure there are no unnecessary delays with your application, we advise:

  • Request the name of the Amey manager that will be acting as your Focal Point (FP).
  • Engage with the FP frequently to ensure they are aware of your requirements.
  • Summarise any telephone conversations in emails and ask that your FP does likewise, to ensure all information is documented.

More information about ANDA.

Contact the RAF FF Accommodation Team 

If you need support or guidance with adaptations to your accommodation contact us online – we have two housing experts on the team who can provide advice and guidance.  

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