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Latest FAM Poster promoting Wittering as going live on 31 May 2020.

Do you know the options that could be available to you under the Future Accommodation Model – which include renting or buying a home with support from the MOD?

The support you could receive will depend on which of the four options you choose:

• Single Living Accommodation: You can choose to live in SLA and the current charges will apply.

• Service Families Accommodation: You can choose to live in SFA if you are in a long term established relationship, married, or in a civil partnership and the current charges will apply

• Private Rental Sector: You can choose to rent a home if you’re single, or in a relationship. You can live alone, with friends or with family. Every month you will receive a core payment, plus a geographic payment from the MOD that takes account of how expensive the area is, and how many children you have. You can see exactly what your payment will be by using the FAM calculator on the Discover My Benefits website. The website also helps you work out the allowances – for things like a deposit on your rental property and first month’s rent advance – that you can also receive through FAM.

• Buy a home: You can choose to buy a property with support from the MOD, with a monthly payment to put towards your mortgage. You could also receive associated moving costs, and may also be eligible for a one off Refund of Legal expenses if you’re a first time buyer.

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