BFPO carries out major system updates at Forces Post Offices worldwide

BFPO system update

Over the past two months, the British Forces Post Office (BFPO) has achieved the significant milestone of updating the system that allows troops to access Post Office counter services while deployed overseas. BFPO’s Technical Support Team (TSS) team completed the updates to over 40 Horizon onLine terminals across 22 locations including Canada, the Falkland Islands, Kathmandu and Germany.

Horizon onLine is the bespoke system through which Post Office counters offer services to customers in the UK. TSS has maintained the same system at Forces Post Offices (FPOs) since 2010 to provide service personnel and their families with access to many of the services they would use in the UK.

The Head of BFPO’s TSS, Lt Col. Ian Booth, explains:

“The version of the system being used in Forces Post Offices was over eight years old. These updates will future-proof FPO counters serving the MOD community overseas by ensuring that they have the technology to continue to deliver the best level of service possible.”

One customer that benefits from these services is Caroline Candlin, a Defence Movements Operator for the MOD in Germany, who is married to Sgt Candlin (retired). She still regularly uses her Forces Post Office counter services to keep in touch with friends and family back home, as well as enjoying access to the convenient financial services you would find at UK counters, such as chip and PIN cash withdrawals and making deposits.

BFPO system update Caroline
Caroline Candlin posts a letter at her local FPO

Caroline says:

“If we didn’t have these services, overseas postings would be even harder on the military and their families. They provide you with a very important connection with home, wherever you are posted in the world.”

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