FAM – a guide for existing renters

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The Future Accommodation Model (FAM) pilot has gone live today (1 June) at RAF Wittering. If you are stationed there, already live in rented accommodation and are eligible for FAM, you can now receive financial support from the MOD towards your home.

FAM – a quick introduction

The Future Accommodation Model (FAM) pilot has launched, giving personnel more choice in where, how and with who they live. Alongside existing options of Single Living Accommodation (SLA) and Service Families Accommodation (SFA), personnel can choose to rent or buy a home with support from the MOD. The pilot is running in three locations across the UK; HMNB Clyde, Aldershot Garrison and RAF Wittering, and includes people already renting a property.

What support is available to existing renters?

If you are eligible for FAM and already rent, there are two ways FAM could support you:

Renting close to your base

If you currently rent within 50 miles of your FAM pilot site, you could receive:

  • The FAM Core Payment of £125 a month
  • The FAM Rental Payment – a regular amount towards your rent based on property prices in your area and the number of dependants you have.

Renting over 50 miles from the FAM pilot site

You can still receive support from the MOD even if you don’t rent close to your FAM pilot site. If you are eligible for FAM you could receive:

  • The FAM Core Payment of £125 a month.

Want to find out how much money you could receive?

Discover My Benefits (below) has a FAM calculator that will provide you with a personalised breakdown of what support you could receive, and the contribution you would need to make if you already rent within 50 miles of the pilot site.

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What are my next steps?

To receive support from the MOD you need to:

  1. Confirm that you’re eligible for FAM (see box below)
  2. Submit your Accommodation Preference Form via JPA, ticking the rental box from 31 May 2020 at RAF Wittering
  3. Once the FAM Cell have confirmed your preference to rent, take your tenancy agreement into Unit HR to start the payments.

Am I eligible for FAM?

To be eligible you must:

  • Be in regular or Full Time Reserve Service
  • Have four years or more of service
  • Belong to a unit that is part of the pilot, (full list of UINs available on DefNet) and
  • Have 12 months or more left on your posting at the pilot sites.

You can be single, married or in a civil partnership, or in a long-term established relationship. 

Do you have questions?

Contact your FAM Cell at RAF Wittering:

Source: FAM – a guide for existing renters booklet, GOV.UK

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