The Future Accommodation Model explained

In this item, as part of Housing and Accommodation month, we address the most frequently asked questions about the Future Accommodation Model (FAM).

What is the FAM Pilot programme?

It is a trial exploring the possibilities of shaping the accommodation policy for military families. It recognises that the extant policy is less than ideal for 21st century families and is becoming increasingly unaffordable.

What are the limitations of FAM?

All suggestions are considered and balanced against possible viability such as the future requirement for accommodation, locations and a commensurate allowance package. The full range of options available can be discussed with the appropriate team member and bear in mind that it takes two days, on average, to process applications.

Is FAM here to stay?

We are now at the beginning of the second year of FAM pilots at the three Service Units which is anticipated will run for around another two years. Upon completion of the pilot data will be gathered, analysed, and appropriate policy recommendations made. Some of these may or may not be implemented over a period of time for all Service families.

Contact the RAF FF Accommodation Team 

If you need support or guidance with accommodation contact us online – we have two housing experts on the team who can provide advice and guidance.  

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