Future Accommodation Model (FAM): Update for all personnel

What is the FAM pilot? A pilot is being developed to help us understand how personnel will choose to live in the future and how we can improve FAM. It is a chance for Ministry of Defence to test the policy and the way it is delivered before a decision is made about whether to roll out FAM across the UK.

Where and when? Confirmed pilot sites are HMNB Clyde (starting from 30 September 2019), Aldershot Garrison (starting from 31 January 2020) and RAF Wittering (starting from 31 May 2020).

What if I am assigned to a pilot site? We will keep you updated and ensure information becomes available as the pilot is developed. You can find out more on the FAM Gov.uk website and the full JSP will be available in summer 2019.

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Update poster for all personnel on the Future Accommodation Model (FAM)
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More information on the MOD Future Accommodation Model on GOV.UK

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