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Following our focus on Health and Wellbeing this month, we are pleased to launch our latest Briefing Note. This is the fourth in the series and covers how healthcare works for RAF personnel and families.

The aim of this briefing paper is to inform RAF Serving personnel (SP) and mobilised Reservists of how healthcare works for them and how it differs from healthcare provision for their families and non-mobilised Reservists. It is hoped that this information will help Service families access healthcare more successfully, particularly when moving.

The briefing note covers broad range of topics, including:

  • Healthcare for RAF personnel and mobilised Reservists
  • Healthcare for RAF families and non-mobilised Reservists
  • Healthcare and the Armed Forces Covenant
  • Support available if RAF personnel or a family member has an additional need or disability
  • Support available if personnel or a family member have difficulties with mental health
  • health policy
  • What to do if a RAF family has issues with accessing NHS services.
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Alison Cotton, Policy Advisor for Health and Additional Needs at the RAF Families Federation (RAFFF), comments:

“Part of my role has been to navigate and understand the vast healthcare arena that exists for RAF personnel and their families. As I settled into my role, I found myself writing notes and flowcharts to remind me of the different processes and support services available for Service families. When sharing these with colleagues at the RAFFF, the suggestion was made that I turn my notes and diagrams into a briefing note so that I could share my new found knowledge with Service families and the wider Service community. This suggestion consequently led to the writing of the health briefing note; “Healthcare for RAF personnel and families – how does it work?” which I am releasing now to signify the end of the RAFFF’s health and well being focus month.

“Colleagues from NHS England and Improvement, RAF, RAFA, RAF Ben Fund, MOD and SSAFA were consulted during the writing of the briefing note to ensure the contents are accurate. Many thanks to those who offered feedback, it is much appreciated. I hope you enjoy reading the briefing note and find it succinct and helpful. “

Further information on health and wellbeing

This story comes to you as part of the RAF FF’s themed month of May for all things relating to health and wellbeing. The website also provides a good reference section on all things health-related. You can also sign up to our (free) weekly eBulletin and/or quarterly Envoy magazine to keep yourself up to date with information on new initiatives as they go live.

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