1st May kicks off RAF FF’s Health & Wellbeing month

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The RAF Families Federation are using May to promote all things related to health and wellbeing, starting today (1st May). Explore all the useful information and tips for you to tap into as personnel or family members.

RAF FF Policy Advisor for Health and Additional Needs, Alison Cotton (pictured below) will highlight one theme per working day throughout May.

Image of Alison Cotton, Policy Advisor (Health and Additional Needs) at the RAF FF.

Alison’s background

Alison grew up with her father who served in the RAF. She came to the RAF FF having completed a three year MSc in Global Military Veterans and Families Studies at Anglia Ruskin University.  Her studies included reviewing the research around the area of the psychological impact of deployment on military personnel and the mental health of children who have a parent who has been deployed. Her final assignment focussed on the importance of educating healthcare professionals, such as GPs and Nurses, to have an awareness of the military lifestyle and culture and to understand how it may impact on military personnel and their families’ lifestyle, health and behaviour. 

Alison is contactable if you have any questions or comments regarding anything related to healthcare or additional needs. Email her at [email protected].

HeadFIT banner

HeadFIT for Life

To launch the Health & Wellbeing month, we’re focusing today on HeadFIT for life, the brilliant platform launched earlier this week.

HeadFIT is designed specifically for the Defence community, providing 24/7 access to self-help tools that can enhance your mood, drive and confidence, and help manage the stresses of everyday life.

Use a range of tools, including, breathing exercises, body posture and relaxation techniques that have been designed for everyone across Defence, whether you are: a new recruit, long-serving personnel, a veteran, civilian staff, serving in uniform or part of the RAF Family. The techniques are designed so they can be easily integrated into everyday lives.

HeadFIT has been developed in partnership with The Royal Foundation’s Heads Together campaign, the Ministry of DefenceKings College London, with clinical advice from Dr Vanessa Moulton, and has been spearheaded by The Duke of Sussex.

Learn to check in with yourself and get into the habit of using the tools that are right for you.

Further information

As well as the current Coronavirus advice and guidance, the RAF FF’s website provides a good reference section on all things health-related. You can also sign up to our (free) weekly eBulletin and/or quarterly Envoy magazine to keep yourself up to date generally with updates and information on new initiatives as they go live.

Story photo by Luis Melendez on Unsplash.

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