Overseas Nursery Allowance renamed to Overseas Nursery Authority

Free image from Pixabay by Jeniffer-Wai-Ting-Tan of a little girl looking through a play tent window.

Did you know that you can apply for a reimbursement of nursery fees if there is no free childcare available when you are overseas?  This has recently been renamed ‘Overseas Nursery Authority’ and the regulations updated.

Parents of three and four year olds in overseas locations where Ministry of Defence (MOD) schools and settings are not available can apply for reimbursement of nursery fees by means of Overseas Nursery Allowance (ONA).

Formerly referred to as ISODET Nursery Allowance, Overseas Nursery Allowance has been mis-labelled. It has never been an allowance, but rather a reimbursement of fees paid.

Following consultation with stakeholders across all three Services and Families Federations it was decided that Overseas Nursery Allowance, moving forward, will be known as Overseas Nursery Authority to avoid confusion.

The application process will not change. Parents will continue to apply via Army Res and if approved, are issued with an Authority to claim.

Information can be found on childcare for service children at DCYP GOV.UK page.

Story image by Jeniffer, Wai Ting Tan from Pixabay 

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