Reserves Continuous Attitude Survey is now live!

The 2020 Reserves Continuous Attitude Survey (ResCAS) is open for completion now! (6th January) and open to ALL Volunteer and Regular Reservists.

The Reserves Continuous Attitude Survey (ResCAS) is an annual survey which gives RAF Reservists the opportunity to let the Air Force Board Executive know what life is like in the RAF Reserve.

Why you should complete it 

ResCAS allows you to speak directly to the Air Force Board Executive and tell them what you like and/or dislike about the RAF Reserve.  This important source of feedback is used by the Air Member for Personnel and Capability (AMP&C), our People Champion. The more responses we receive the more convincing the evidence will be to drive through the changes you want to see. Last year the response rate was 40% and although we are grateful for this, we are keen to increase this. Therefore, if you are a Reservist please take a few moments to tell us your views.  If you are not a Reservist but have Reservists in your team, please pass this information on to them.

Who can take part 

The Survey is open to all Volunteer and Regular Reservists.  This includes the RAuxAF, ADC, FTRS, VERR, HRR and SR.  However, the survey is not aimed at ATC, AEF, CCF, VGS or UAS personnel.

Access the survey 

Taking part is easy. We have responded to requests to save paper and money, by asking you to complete the survey online (on any device linked to the internet) by typing the address below into Google Chrome. Your token is your service number.

Survey link (Please copy and paste into Google Chrome):


The Survey is open NOW (6th January) and will remain open until 16 March 2020.

Further information

If you’d like further information please contact the HQ Air Occupational Psychology Team at: Air-COSPers-Pol Psych Grp Mbox (MULTIUSER)

2020 The 2020 Reserves Continuous Attitude Survey (ResCAS) front cover

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