Tri-Service Families Continuous Attitude Survey (FamCAS): 2020


Last week saw the publication of the results from the 2020 Families Continuous Attitude Survey (FamCAS).  

The RAF FamCAS was issued to a total of 6,309 married spouses/civil partners of RAF personnel and 1,582 surveys were returned (a response rate of 25%).

Overall RAF families are generally satisfied with their quality of life and are proud of the serving person.  RAF families are particularly positive with regards to their job security, household income and knowing other military families. Additionally, they feel advantaged compared to the general public with housing and healthcare. However, RAF families are less positive about the effect on their career and their children as well as the separation from their partner.  They continue to feel disadvantaged compared to the general public with regards to family life, childcare and education. 

It is important for the Ministry of Defence and the single services to understand the opinions and attitudes of the families of service personnel. The annual tri-service families continuous attitude survey (FAMCAS) is one of the main ways to gather information on the views and experiences of our service families. The information from this survey helps shape policies for training, support, and the terms and conditions of service.

A detailed breakdown of the tri-Service FamCAS results can be found on the GOV.UK website:

FAMCAS Report 2020 image

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you who participated this year particularly during such uncertain times; either by passing the survey on to your partner or by completing the survey yourself.  The more responses we receive the more convincing the evidence will be to drive through the changes you want to see.

If you have any questions about the survey or the results, please contact the HQ Air Occupational Psychology Team at: Air-COSPers-Pol Psych Grp Mbox (MULTIUSER)

Published 23 July 2020 From: Ministry of Defence

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