Tri-Service Families Continuous Attitude Survey Report 2018 now available

Tri-Service Families Continuous Attitude Survey

The Tri-Service Families Continuous Attitude Survey Results 2018 are now available online.

It is important for the Ministry of Defence and the single services to understand the opinions and attitudes of the families of service personnel. The annual tri-service families continuous attitude survey (FAMCAS) is one of the main ways to gather information on the views and experiences of our service families. The information from this survey helps shape policies for training, support, and the terms and conditions of service.

About these statistics

The Families Continuous Attitude Survey (FamCAS) is a Tri-Service annual survey of the spouses/civil partners of Regular trained Service Personnel. This survey is one of the main ways that the Department gathers information on the attitudes and experiences of Service families.

The 2018 FamCAS was distributed to a sample of 27,062 trained Regular Service personnel who were married or in a civil partnership. The Serving person was then asked to pass the questionnaire on to their spouse. The survey used both online and paper questionnaires and was open from February to April 2018.

Response rates

Overall, 5,502 valid responses were received, representing a response rate of 20%. This is a five percentage point decrease on 2017.

  • RN/RM: 17%
  • Army: 21%
  • RAF: 25%

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