Vacancies for ex-Regulars and ex-Reservists at Base Support Group Hub – Eastern Region

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There are new job vacancies available to ex-Regulars and ex-Reservists within the Base Support Group (BSG) Hub – Eastern Region.

The roles are at the following units:

  • RAF Honington
  • RAF Marham
  • RAF Henlow
  • Cambridge Airport
  • Remote working

The BSG jobs are part-time (90 day max) locally based and non-deployable.

  • Potential applicants are required to attend a medical, where they are assigned a new JMES (Joint medical employment standard). Assuming applicants pass the BSG medical, they can then be employed strictly within the limitations of the new JMES.
  • Personnel who have been medically discharged or who have medical issues which have previously barred them from continued Regular Service can be recruited. A medical waiver can be sought which declares them fit for locally based, non-deployable admin/support roles.
  • Potential applicants should have been out of the Service for no longer than 15 years – to provide a minimum level of currency and to reduce administrative burden (age waivers can be sought – taken on a case by case basis – dependent upon skill set offered by the applicant).
  • Individuals can apply up to the age of 64 and extensions of service can be sought so that BSG Service personnel can serve up to the age of 68.
Base Suport Group Eastern Region Recruitment flyer
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To apply review the latest job ads and complete the expression of interest form to: [email protected]

If there are no jobs on the list which are of interest please still complete the expression of interest form and return it together with a CV (of no more than 2 pages) – the CV will assist in matching EOIs with possible BSG employment.

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