16 June 2017Your views are sought on MOD’s New Joiner Offer and flexible working

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Chief of Defence People Lieutenant General Richard Nugee writes to Service Personnel to explain how they can get involved in helping develop a modernised offer for the Armed Forces.

Story image: CDP Lt Gen Richard Nugee (crown copyright)

“As you know, we are looking at developing a modernised offer for our Armed Forces which better reflects the realities of modern life and the UK’s financial position, whilst preserving the elements which reflect the unique demand that armed service imposes on its people. 

“We are keen to hear about your views on elements of the Offer, and will be launching two surveys to give Service Personnel the chance to join the conversation and share your ideas on the subject.  

“The first of these surveys, launching on 20 June, is on the New Joiner Offer (NJO), which will be open for 3 weeks. The NJO team continue to design a New “Offer” for those wishing to join the Armed Forces in the future, which better meets their expectations through greater variety, choice and flexibility of employment (see NJO page under Related Links). The team are developing the options which will underline the New Offer and are seeking your views on the components of the Armed Forces offer which you find most attractive. This information will help inform key decisions taken by the NJO project on the type and scale of reward our people value at different stages throughout their careers. The New Joiner Offer will not apply to current serving personnel; however, your experiences in the Armed Forces make your input to this survey invaluable to us. 

“The second of these surveys, launching on 10 July, and also open for 3 weeks, will seek views on how we can improve flexible working opportunities, building upon existing flexible working and the experiences drawn from the Flexible Duties Trial.  The new options being considered will provide opportunities for Regular personnel such as yourselves to request temporary periods of part-time working and/or limits to separated service for periods of a few years only (giving temporary protection from long exercises or deployments) - See FES page under Related Links. We need to understand your preferences and attitudes to flexible working, including the options above, in order to refine some of the evidence gathered so far and help inform the policy which we will roll out to all personnel in the future.

“Both surveys can be done on your personal device, should only take 15 or so minutes to complete, and do not ask you for any freetext responses.  They are open to all current Regular Service Personnel and NJO will also be surveying potential future recruits.

“Understanding your views is very important to Defence, and I encourage you all to set aside the time to complete these surveys. Please help us to get it right for the future. We will remind you when they launch, so do make sure you don’t miss the chance to be involved.”

Lieutenant General Richard Nugee
Chief of Defence People

What happens next

The NJO survey will be available for staff to complete from Tuesday 20 June and will be publicised via the Defence Intranet on the day – Please check the Defence Intranet and your DII emails to ensure you have your say.

The flexible working survey will be available for staff to complete from Monday 10 July and will be publicised via the Defence Intranet on the day – Please check the Defence Intranet and your DII emails to ensure you have your say.

Both surveys will also be accessible on mobile devices and smartphones.

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