Tuesday 24th November 2020

Never Such Innocence has opened it’s annual competition for entries. This year’s theme is ‘The Unheard Voices of Conflict: Stories from Around the World’ and entries close on 19 March 2020.

The competition provides an opportunity for young people to share their reflections on conflict or give a voice to those who may not have one. To inspire your poetry, art, speech or song, using the 5Ws to explore the theme.

  • Who? This could be a conflict that has affected you / your family, or you could bring to light someone else’s story.
  • What? Conflict comes in many forms. What conflict affects you?
  • When? You can look at a historical or current conflict.
  • Where? This could be within your local community or around the world.
  • Why? New voices and perspectives are important if we are to understand the true impact of conflict.

Examples of an ‘unheard voice’ could include:

A personal family story relating to conflict, the feelings of a service child who has a parent deployed, the perspective of people from a defeated army, refugees fleeing from their homes, the perspective of indigenous or minority groups, young people caught in the midst of conflict, or if animals could speak – what would they say? Feel free to be creative with how you interpret the theme!

View the competition rules.
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