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Monday 30th March 2020

Following the Government’s recent announcements advising people to stay at home except for limited activities and advising against non-essential house moves, Mears would like to update all interested parties on measures we are taking on the Substitute Accommodation Service.


The single Service manning authorities have now advised that all non-essential moves are to be postponed until 1st July, with a review on 30th April to decide whether this period should be extended.

Personnel should remain with their existing Unit until such time as a move is possible, and should remain in their current property where possible. In some cases it may not be possible to remain in current properties and where any challenges arise Mears will work with occupants DIO, the Chain of Command, Landlords and Estate Agents to find alternative solutions.

The Mears team is working hard to try to accommodate moves for Service personnel and their families whose moves are deemed essential. As this is a new and evolving situation we ask you please to update us if you have been advised that your move is not essential and should therefore be postponed – speak to your Career Manager if you are uncertain.

As a result of the Government measures many lettings agents are closed, most cleaning companies are not taking on work, many repairs and maintenance contractors are only attending critical jobs, and our ability to get furniture delivered is limited. Many hotels are closing and we are working hard to move people out of hotels to ensure that everyone has somewhere to live. We have had permission from all single Services to explore mixed band sharing where no other solutions to accommodate essential moves are possible. We ask for your patience and cooperation as we try to find solutions to meet the operational requirement.

Where a move is deemed essential, we have modified our processes to avoid human contact in line with the Government’s social distancing guidance. Mears operatives will conduct inventory appointments unaccompanied and arrangements for the safe handover of keys will be advised by your Coordinator on a case by case basis.

Repairs and maintenance

In keeping with the Government guidance, we are presently only instructing works for critical repairs and maintenance issues. Routine repairs are being logged and reported to landlords and agents so that we are in a position to commence works as soon as travel restrictions are lifted. We apologise for the inconvenience this will cause you and we thank you for your patience and understanding.

Where critical works have to take place Mears will ask you if you or anyone in the household is self-isolating and operatives will take appropriate safety precautions which may include asking occupants to remain in a different room while work is completed.

Contacting us

To ensure that we can continue to offer a service and look after our staff, all Mears staff are now working from home, with the exception of a skeleton office team which allows us to continue receiving post. We have diverted our phones; however, due to the exceptional circumstances your call may take longer to be answered than usual. The best way to contact us is by email.

• To discuss a move in you can contact the named Coordinator who has been liaising with you, or you can email [email protected]
• To discuss a move out please email [email protected]
• To report a repair please email [email protected]
• You can also call us on 0800 032 4547

Thank you for your support. We wish you and your families good health during these challenging times.

Lucy Carmichael, Contract Delivery Director

Image by Dirk (Beeki®) Schumacher from Pixabay 

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