Tuesday 16th October 2018

In autumn term 2019, 2,376 Year 9 students from 99 secondary schools across England will take part in a trial to assess the impact of an adventure learning experience on character development and attainment. All part of Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) Research and your school could be included!

This is your opportunity to take part in important research and contribute to supporting schools to help make the best choices on interventions and improve the life chances of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The research programme will be led by EEF and independently evaluated by a team of researchers from Sheffield Hallam University (SHU).

The Outward Bound Trust and Commando Joe’s have been specially selected as the delivery partners for this research trial.

Simply register your interest by filling in an online form or call the Outward Bound Trust on 01931 740 000.

What is being tested?

This research trial will determine the impact of an adventure learning programme on:

  • Self-regulation
  • Students’ engagement in school
  • Student behaviour in school
  • Attainment

Who can take part in this trial?

This is for secondary schools in England with a minimum of 20% of pupils eligible for pupil premium. Participants need to be current Year 8 students who are achieving below their expected levels of progress because of lack of engagement with education and/or lack of character skills to support learning.

At least 50% of the students selected should be recognised as disadvantaged, either in receipt of pupil premium or through economic, social or environmental issues known to the school. The programme is especially suitable for students with the greatest scope for improvement based on their current attainment levels versus their predicted actual attainment ability, regardless of their starting point.

Teachers involved should be experienced and in regular contact with the cohort. They should be able to hold the students to account as well as motivate and encourage them. This would particularly suit a middle leader who would like to support a whole school initiative working with external providers to raise levels of progress. They should be open to new ideas and willing to track and monitor students.

What investment is needed

The research trial is 70% funded by the EEF, The Outward Bound Trust and Commando Joe’s. If selected to participate in the intervention groups, a 30% contribution will need to be paid by the school. If selected into the control group, schools will receive funding per student to put towards their development.

Find out more about funding and costs on our FAQs page.

How to take part

  1. Register your interest by filling in the form on this page
  2. A representative will get in touch with you to confirm your eligibility and answer any questions
  3. We will confirm your place and send you all the relevant information
  4. The research trial will begin.

Further information

Find out more about the research or share with your schools and/or colleagues Download the information flyer (PDF)

Register your interest by filling in an online form or call the Outward Bound Trust on 01931 740 000.

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