Overseas assignments: medical screening and supportability

Monday 18th July 2022

Medical screening for overseas assignments has changed in recent years. Make sure you are up to date with the new medical screening processes and wider healthcare considerations before you apply for an overseas assignment.

What do I need to know about medical screening?

Medical screening is required for family members accompanying a Service person on an overseas assignment. Medical screening is in place to ensure medical needs can be met safely at the intended destination.

A new process was introduced in 2019 and instead of individual services, a specialist military organisation takes the lead on screening and the medical history forms must be completed by the family member. Find out more on our Overseas Healthcare pages.

“It took a bit of time to complete a form for each member of the family, but from there the process was very easy. The day after we sent the forms back I received a call from a nurse at the Global Medical Supportability Cell, just to clarify a couple of things, and our clearance came through shortly afterwards. It was really reassuring to know that my family’s health needs had been properly considered before our move abroad.”

RAF Spouse

Healthcare on overseas assignments

In addition to medical screening, healthcare in general should be considered before accepting an overseas assignment. Healthcare overseas may be of a different standard; who delivers healthcare provision may vary, Defence Medical Services practice, local Host Nation healthcare or MOD contractor; there may be limitations to the healthcare services available.

This should not deter you from applying, but it should highlight it is important to consider your potential healthcare requirements ahead of applying and understand the in-country provision.

Overseas assignment preparation

RAF Families Federation new overseas resource

The RAFFF overseas resource makes assessing an overseas assignment for your family simpler. The considerations before you apply section helps ensure preparedness and covers key topics, such as healthcare. Visit our overseas pages to make the right decision about an overseas assignment for your family.

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