Overseas assignments with the RAF

Overseas assignments present many opportunities and benefits. However, from our research, we also know being outside of the UK can make some things more difficult.

To help you navigate an overseas move and avoid any road blocks, in this section we share practical information to help you at every stage of the journey. Whether you are the Serving person or an accompanying family member, we have everything covered, from the things you should think about before applying, right through to preparations to make for returning home to the UK.

What stage are you at with your overseas assignment?

Is your Service person overseas?

If you have a loved one overseas check out our deployment information – it includes practical guidance for spouses and partners of deployed Service personnel as well as deployment support for children.

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Overseas Guides

Overseas move checklist cover

Before you go checklist

Returning to the UK checklist cover

Returning to the UK Checklist

Overseas help topics

From speaking to families living overseas there are a number of recurring themes raised with us. Here we have compiled some ‘help pages’ to provide you with information to address key concerns:

Overseas news

How we can help

We exist to help with any issues you face, at home or overseas. If there is an issue you need support with, let us know.