The RAF overseas assignment application process explained

If you are an RAF spouse, partner or ‘other-half’ due to accompany an overseas assignment, this information is for you.

Service provided information is given to the Service person to ensure preparedness for an overseas assignment and will be guided by HR. However, when embroiled in the process some useful information may not be passed on to you. To help you to know what to expect, we have outlined key information to improve your understanding of the process and your involvement.

Your involvement

It is likely you will be heavily involved in the administrative tasks associated with an overseas assignment, such as arranging:

  • Passport applications/renewals
  • Medical, dental and educational clearances
  • Removals

Useful Documents

So, that you are equally informed and prepared there are some documents you should ask to see.

Before applying:

  • Leaflet 1530 Annex A, Appendix 1 – this document highlights what you need to consider before applying for an overseas position.
    Also see our recommended considerations before you go which has been created with input from people currently on overseas assignments.
  • AP3392 Vol2 Leaflet 2411** – this document highlights key considerations for any families with dependents that have additional needs and disabilities.

Once the Assignment Order is received:

  • Aide Memoire – these are location-specific guides to provide you with location information and specific actions which are required before moving and on arrival.
  • Advice on applying for removals – if you are organising the logistics for the move this information will tell you everything you need to know regarding removals and storage of personal effects.

Supportability and Clearances: What you need to know

Not all countries have the range or standards of public services that we are accustomed to in the UK. Therefore, as part of the overseas process for accompanied assignments supportability reviews, called clearances, need to be conducted for those accompanying the Service person. This ensures any medical and educational needs can be supported whilst overseas.

Before supportability is confirmed family medical, dental and, if you have dependents, educational clearance is required.

Note: All children, including babies, will require educational and medical clearance if permanently residing in the overseas location.

All clearances will be managed by the Families Section at Abbey Wood – a team of people who process paperwork associated with accompanied overseas assignments.

Educational clearances

Educational paperwork needs to be submitted 6 months prior to the assignment or ASAP thereafter – to avoid delays, ensure paperwork is submitted during school term time. The process will vary depending on the option selected.

Education Options:

In-country MOD school – if children are to attend an MOD school the Families Section will advise you to contact the school directly. The school will issue a MOD Schools Admission Pack for completion by the family and they will contact the current school to obtain an Education Overseas Supportability (EOS) form. The MOD School then issues a statement of recommendation directly to the family, the Families Section and Career Management (CM).

In-country non-MOD school – If children are to attend a non-MOD School the Families Section issue paperwork for the family to fill out. The family will need to contact the current UK school to request an Education Overseas Supportability (EOS) form. Both forms are sent by the family directly to DCYP. DCYP will issue a statement of recommendation directly to the family, Families Section and Career Management (CM).

UK Private education – If children are to access private education, the family will need to apply to the school directly.

Note: In some countries, education standards vary greatly. If you need advice on suitability of schools contact DCYP/CEAS for educational suitability reviews.

Medical clearances

When requested, the medical paperwork is to be filled out by those accompanying the Service person and sent directly to the Global Medical Support Cell (GMSC). They will issue a statement of family fitness directly to the family, Families Section and CM. It is important to add CM information on paperwork.

Note: children who attend UK Boarding School but will spend holidays in the assigned location will require medical and dental clearance, but not educational clearance.

How we can help

If you are experiencing an issue with supportability and clearances, let us know and we will help you find a solution.