The relaxed atmosphere, low crime rates and diverse cuisine all make an assignment in Brunei appealing. However, the climate and culture is very different to the UK so it is important to consider a wide range of factors into your decision.

Here we give you a starting point for your research, providing an overview of Brunei and known sources of locational information:

Local Information

Brunei HIVEs

The HIVE is a great source of local information. In Brunei their are two HIVE offices, contact details are below:

Mumong Community Centre

Email: [email protected] 
Tel: 00673 3223809

Open: 0900-1300 Monday – Friday

Chit Chat Community Centre

Email: [email protected] 
Tel: 00673 3223809

Open: 0900-1300 Monday – Friday

British Forces Brunei

The British Forces Brunei website has a some ‘good to know’ information, from local customs to useful phrases.

About Brunei

Brunei is an independent Islamic sultanate on the north coast of Borneo, Southeast Asia. Brunei achieved independence in 1984, having been a British protectorate since 1888. The government is an absolute monarchy, ruled by its Sultan, and implements a combination of English common law and the strict Islamic code, Sharia law.

Brunei is part of the British Commonwealth and has a population of approx’ 410,000 (less than half a million people). Whilst, Bahasa Melayu is the mother tongue, all schools educate in English. This means that English is widely spoken in Brunei.

Points of note

  • UK plugs work in Brunei – you will not need plug adapters in Brunei, as they use 3 pin plugs.
  • A car is essential – there is limited public transport in Brunei, therefore a car is essential.
  • Brunei drive on the left – which can make the necessity of having a car less daunting for UK license holders.
  • Limited spousal employment opportunities 
  • Dress modestly – there is no national dress code, however it is suggested you dress modestly, women cover their shoulders, in public.

Accompanied assignment considerations

If you are on an accompanied assignment, especially with children, you should make sure your entire family’s needs are met in Brunei – this will ensure there are no surprises on arrival. We recommend you review education and childcare offerings, and spousal employment in particular.

For further information read our ‘‘considerations before you go’ page.

Welfare support in Brunei

If you are currently in Brunei and you are in need of personal support or social work services, SSAFA are the local providers and can be contacted at the Chit Chat Community Centre or on the 00673 3220172 / 00673 8330224.

Overseas welfare support >

How we can help

If you are in Brunei and have any issues or concerns, we can help you find a solution.