17 July 2017Service Personnel - what do you think about flexible working?

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The Chief of Defence People welcomes our Serving personnel to feed in on current policy development, and help to shape the Armed Forces of the future. 

The new flexible working options being considered provide opportunities for regular personnel to request temporary periods of part-time working and/or limits to separated service for defined periods only. We will, therefore, also need to decide on a commensurate reduction in pay, pension and - in the case of part-time working - leave.

Have your say on flexible working by completing the Flexible Working Opportunities Survey.  You may find it beneficial to complete the survey outside of peak hours (9:30-15:30) and you can use a personal device.

Click here or on image below for the survey:


This reminder follows an earlier story which we put out during mid-June from Chief of Defence People, Chief of Defence People Lieutenant General Richard Nugee on both the NJO and flexible working.

As flexible working featured in the Queen’s Speech, the profile of this work is already high amongst Service Personnel. The MOD would like to ensure that the opportunity to participate in feeding in on current policy development, and help to shape the Armed Forces of the future, is as visible to you all as it can be. 

This final survey, dealing with the flexible working project, is for Service Personnel only.

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