Tuesday 12th June 2018

The Department for Education (DfE) has shared some of the pilot schemes currently available to those who might be thinking about returning to teaching.

Return to Teaching Advisers

Information is available from Get into Teaching, along with links to register for further support (available for secondary maths, physics and MFL returners, or those who are qualified to teach another subject but with support would be able to teach one of those subjects). There is also a link to some information for teachers of wider subjects where the 1-to-1 adviser support is not available, ie signposting changes to the national curriculum and government guidance on assessment. The team in DfE is in the process of updating those to make the info a bit more comprehensive for teachers of other subjects.

Coaching for teachers seeking to return through Women Leaders in Education

This is focused on those who are interested in progressing to middle or senior leadership so it might not be for everyone (and of course it’s only for women) – but might be helpful for some, and returners can access the support both before and after they secure a teaching post. Most of the coaching is via Skype/phone, so it might also be feasible for those currently based overseas but returning to England shortly. You can find more info and register for a coach online.

Caring-related career breaks

A pilot has recently been launched aimed at supporting teachers who have taken time out for caring reasons to return to the classroom. Further details and to register can be accessed online. This doesn’t have to be caring for ‘additional needs’ etc – people who have taken say 3-5 years out to care for children would be eligible. If they had simultaneously been an overseas posting that would be fine, as long as there was a caring-related element to their career break. It’s open to anyone looking to return to teach English, maths, sciences, geography, history, or languages in a secondary school in the West Midlands or South London and the South East.

There are similar ‘support for returners’ programmes in other parts of the public sector and below are some key contacts to explore. There is also support available for returning to nursing. These might be useful for military spouses who are in these sectors.

Source: Department for Education

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