Abbreviations & acronyms


A&T - Administrative and Technical
AAC - Army Air Corps
AAL - Additional Adoption Leave
AAR - Air-to-Air Refueling
AAW - Anti-Air Warfare
Acc - Accompanied
ACCS - Air Command & Control System
ACOS - Assistant Chief Of Staff
ACM - Air Chief Marshal
ADC - Additional Duties Commitment
ADGE - Air Defence Ground Environment
AD H - Assistant Director Housing
AE - Aeronautical Engineering
AEF - Air Experience Flights
AEROMED - Aeromedical Evacuation
AEW - Airborne Early Warning
AF - Armed Forces
AFCAS - Armed forces continuous attitude survey
AFCO - Armed Forces Careers Office
AFJT - Advanced Fast Jet Training
AFMF - Armed Forces Muslim Forum
AFOMS - Armed Forces Occupational Maternity Scheme
AFPRB - Armed Forces Pay Review Body
AFW - Accommodation, Families and Welfare (a branch within SP Pol)
AGM - Air-to-Ground Missile
AH - Annington Homes
AHM - Area Housing Manager
Air Cdre - Air Commodore
AIM-9L - Sidewinder SRAAM
ALARM - Air Launched Anti-Radiation Missile
AM - Air Marshal
AML - Additional Maternity Leave
AMP - Air Member for Personnel
AMRAAM - Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile
AOC - Air Officer Commanding
AOR - Area of Responsibility
AP - Air Publication
APO - Acting Pilot Officer
ASACS - Airborne Surveillance and Control System
ASC - Air Surveillance & Control
ASD - Accredited Schools Database
ASOC - Air Support Operations Centre
ASRAAM - Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile
ASTOR - Airborne Stand-Off Radar
ASW - Anti-Submarine Warfare
AT - Air Transport
ATC - Air Training Corps
ATS - Advanced Training Squadron                                                           
ATTU - Advanced Tactical Training Unit
ATW - Aerosystems Training Wing
ATOC  - Air Tactical Operations Centre
AVM - Air Vice-Marshal
AWACS - Airborne Warning & Control System
AWOL - Absence With-out Leave
AWP - Accommodation and Welfare Policy


BACS - Bank Automated Clearing System
BATUS - British Army Training Unit Suffield
BFPO - British Forces Post Office
BFBS - British Forces Broadcasting Service
BFJT - Basic Fast Jet Training
BLB - Basic Level Budget
BME - WS Ballistic Missile Early Warning System
BRNC - Britannia Royal Naval College
BVR - Beyond Visual Range


C2 - Command and Control
C4I - Command, Control, Communications, Computers & Intelligence
CAA - Civil Aviation Authority
CAS - Chief of the Air Staff
CAS - Close Air Support
CAAS - Combined Accommodation Assessment System
CAB - Citizens Advice Bureau
CACS - Computer Assisted Command System
CAOC - Combined Air Operations Centre
CAP - Combat Air Patrol
CASOM - Conventionally Armed Stand-Off Missile
CAT - Civil Air Travel
CB - Career Break
CBO - Central Booking Office
CBU - Cluster Bomb Unit
CC - Congestion Charge
CCA - Campaign Continuity Allowance
CCF - Combined Cadet Force
CCG (HP) - Climatic Clothing Grant (Hot Posts)
CCLO - Community Careers Liaison Officer
CCRFs - Civil Contingency Reaction Forces
CCZ - Congestion Charging Zone
Cdre - Commodore
CEA(B) - Continuity of Education Allowance (Board)
CEA(Day) - Continuity of Education Allowance (Day)
CEA(Guardian's) - Continuity of Education Allowance (Guardian's)
CEAGT - Continuity of Education Allowance Governance Team
CEA(SENA) - Continuity of Education Allowance (Special Educational Needs Addition)
CEA(SENA(Day)) - Continuity of Education Allowance (Special Educational Needs Addition)(Day))
CEAS - Children’s Education Advisory Service
CFAV - Cadet Force Adult Volunteer
CFS - Central Flying School - headquarters based at RAF Cranwell
CI - Crime Investigation
CILOCT - Contributions in lieu of Council Tax
CILOR - Cash in Lieu of Rations
CinC - Commander In Chief
CIV SEC - Civil Secretary
CLO - Community Liaison Officer
CLR - Converted Leave Rate                                                                   
Cmdt - Commandant
CNO - Casualty Notification Officer
CO - Commanding Officer
CofC - Chain of Command
COLA - Cost of Living Addition
COMAO - Composite Air Operations
COMD SEC - Command Secretary
COMECT - Commonwealth Enlisted Compassionate Travel
COO - Country of Origin
COS - Chief of Staff
Cpl - Corporal
CPU - Close Protection Unit
CT - Chief Technician
CTF - Concessionary Travel for Families
CTP - Career Transition Partnership
CVF - Queen Elizabeth Class aircraft carrier


DA - Disturbance Allowance
DACOS - Deputy Assistant Chief Of Staff
DAS - Defence Accommodation Stores
DAS - Defensive Aids System
DBS - Defence Business Services (serving, civilian and veteran administrtion previously dealt with by SPVA)
DCAE - Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering
DC&S(Claims) - Director of Claims and Safety (Claims)
DCCIS - Defence College of Communications and Information Systems
DCDS - Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff
DCDS(Pers) - Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Personnel)
DCEME - Defence College of Electro-Mechanical Engineering                        
DCPG - Defence College of Policing and Guarding
DCYP - Directorate Children and Young People
DDC - Directorate of Defence Communications
D Dip - Defence Diplomacy
DE - Direct Entrant
DEFS - Defence Elementary Flying School - based at RAF Cranwell
DFAU - Defence Fraud Analysis Unit
DFS - Defence Food Services
DFT - Damages for Trespass
DG - Director General
DG SP Pol - Director General Service Personnel Policy
DHE - Defence Housing Executive
DHFS - Defence Helicopter Flying School - based at RAF Shawbury
DHRS - Defence Hotel Reservation Service
DIA - Defence Internal Audit
DILFOR - Dangerously Ill Forwarding of Relatives
DIN - Defence Instructions and Notices
DIO - Defence Infrastructure Organisation
DLO - Defence Logistics Organisation
DMOC - Defence Media Operations Centre
DofR - Directorate of Recruitment
DOLAS - Defence Operational Language Award Scheme
DOMCOL - Domiciled Collective Overseas Leave
DNCO - Duty Non-commissioned Officer
DPA - Data Protection Act
DPA - Defence Procurement Agency
DPRC - Defence Passenger Reservation Centre
DPTS - Directorate of Personnel Training & Strategy
DRM - Defence Relationship Management
DS - Day Subsistence
DSA(NW) - Day School Allowance (North Wales)
DSC - Deputy Squadron Commander                                                        
DSOP - Defence School of Photography
DTI - Department of Trade and Industry
DU - Dyslexia Unit
DUSRA - Detainees Under Sentence Reimbursement Allowance
DWP - Department for Work and Pensions
DWP(O) - Deployment Welfare Package (Overseas)
DWSP - Defence Welfare Support Policy
DZ - Drop Zone


EC - Emergency Contact
ECA - Extra Command Area
ECM - Electronic Counter Measures
EFT - Elementary Flying Training
ELC - Enhanced Learning Credit
ELINT - Electronic Intelligence
EMS - Early Mover Status
EU DSA - European Union Daily Subsistence Allowance
EUMS - European Union Military Staff
ERG - External Reference Group
ESM - Electronic Support Measures
ETA - Experimental Test Allowance
ETP - External Training Providers
EW - Electronic Warfare


FAC - Forward Air Control
FAM - Future Accommodation Model
FAMCAS - Families Continuous Attitude Survey (FAMCAS)
FAMGRANT - Family Maintenance Grant
FANDF - Forces Additional Needs and Disability Forum
FAVA - Families Assistance for Visits Abroad
FCAS - Forces Continuous Attitude Survey
FCG - Female Clothing Grant
FCO - Foreign and Commonwealth Office
FD - Force Development
FFR - Fixed Forces Rate (of exchange)
Fg Off - Flying Officer
FHWS - Family Housing and Welfare Services
FIA - Food and Incidental Allowance
FiMT - Forces in Mind Trust 
FLIR - Forward Looking Infrared
Flt Lt - Flight Lieutenant
Flt Sgt - Flight Sergeant
FMG - Family Maintenance Grant
FMS - Furniture Movement Allowance
FOI - Freedom of Information
FRA - Family Road Allowance
FRE - Furniture Removal Expenses
FSA - Financial Services Authority
FTOD - Final Tour of Duty
FTRS - Full Time Reserve Service
FTRS(FC) - FTRS (Full Commitment)
FTRS(HC) - FTRS (Home Commitment)
FTRS(LC) - FTRS (Limited Commitment)
FW - Fixed Wing - all aircraft excluding helicopters


GAR - General Accounting Rate of Exchange
GB - Great Britain (England, Scotland & Wales)
GBAD - Ground Based Air Defence
GCHQ - Government Communications Headquarters
GDT - Ground Defence Training
GLO - Ground Liaison Officer
GNVQ - General National Vocational Qualification
GOR - Ghurka Other Rank
GPC - Government Procurement Card
Gp Capt - Group Captain
GRT - Graduated Resettlement Time
GSK - General Service Knowledge
GT - Ground Training
GTS - Ground Control Station
GYH - Get You Home
GYH(EY) - Get You Home (Early Years)
GYH(O) - Get You Home (Overseas)
GYH(S) - Get You Home (Seagoers)


HAS - Hardened Aircraft Shelter
HASC - Housing Allocation Service Centre
HCDC - House of Commons Defence Committee
HDT - Home to Duty Travel
HF - High Frequency
HIC - Housing Information Centre
HIVE - Forces Information Centre [Not an acronym or an abbreviation but based on the initial idea that the centres would act like a bee hive. The original logo was supported by hexagonals]
HLB - Higher Level Budget
HM - Her Majesty's
HMG - Her Majesty's Government
HMRC - Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs
HMSG - House Moves on Security Grounds
HMI - Human-machine Interface
HOTS - Head Office Travel Scheme
HQ - Headquarters
HQNI - Headquarters Northern Ireland
HREC - Homeowner's Re-Entry Certificate
HSA - Home Savings Allowance
HTD - Home to Duty


IA - Insurance Allowance
IC - In Command
ID - Identification
IE - Incidental Expenses
IED - Improvised Explosive Devise
IFF - Identification Friend or Foe
IFPT - Initial Force Protection Training - Run by the RAF Regiment, this is where recruits learn basic soldiering skills.
IiP - Investors in People
III - Incapacitating Illness/Injury
ILA - Individual Leave Allowance
IMINT - Imagery Intelligence
IMSAT - Imagery Satellite
INAS - Inertial Navigation and Attack System
INVOLSEP - Involuntary Separation
IofR - Inspectorate of Recruitment
IOT - Initial Officer Training
IPG - Integrated Provider Group
IQP - Initial Qualifying Period
IRF - Immediate Reaction Force
IRP - Individual Resettlement Preparation
IRTC - Individual Resettlement Training Costs
ISD - In Service Date
ISODETs - Isolated Detachments
ISTAR - Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance
ITS - Initial Training Squadron                                                                  


JCA - Joint Combat Aircraft
JCCC - Joint Casualty & Compassionate Cell
JEFTS - Joint Elementary Flying Training School
JFH - Joint Force Harrier
JHC - Joint Helicopter Command
JPA - Joint Personnel Administration
JPAC - Joint Personnel Administration Centre
JRRF - Joint Rapid Reaction Force
JSHAO - Joint Service Housing Advice Office
JSP - Joint Service Publication
JSF - Joint Strike Fighter
JTIDS - Joint Tactical Information Distribution System


LA - Lodging Allowance
LAC - Leading Aircraftman
LDS - Last Day of Service
LEA - Local Education Authority
LGB - Laser Guided Bomb
LMG - Light Machine Gun
LOA - Local Overseas Allowance
LOSLOA - Living Out Supplemented Rates of Overseas Allowance
LSA - Longer Separation Allowance
LSAP - Long Service Advance of Pay
LSTACOS - Loan Service Terms and Conditions of Service
LTD - Last Tour of Duty
LTM - Laser Target Marker


MA - Married Accompanied
MAD - Magnetic Anomaly Detector                                                             
MCO - Media & Communication Officer
ME - Multi-Engine MEARW Multi-Engine Advanced Rotary Wing
MEDEVAC - Medical Evacuation
MGS - Military Guard Service
MHS - Modern Housing Solutions
MIRAS - Mortgage Interest Relief at Source
MMA - Motor Mileage Allowance
MND - Multi National Division
MO - Senior Medical Officer
MOA - Meals Out Allowance
MOD - Ministry of Defence
MOT - Motivational Outreach Team
MP - Manpower Plan
MP - Member of Parliament
MPGS - Military Provost Guard Service
MR - Maritime Reconnaissance
MRA - Maritime Reconnaissance & Attack
MRAF - Marshal of the Royal Air Force
MRT - Mountain Rescue Team
MSC - Mission Support Cell
MT - Mechanical Transport
MTO - Mechanical Transport Officer
MTW - Mechanical Training Wing
MU - Married Unaccompanied


NAAFI - Navy, Army and Air Force Institute
NAC - Non-Availability Certificate
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NBC - Nuclear, Biological & Chemical
NCA - Non-Commissioned Aircrew
NCO - Non-Commissioned Officer
NEM - New Employment Model
NGB - National Governing Body
NGEC - Next Generation Contract
NHS - National Health Service
NI - Northern Ireland
NIC - National Insurance Contributions
NOK - Next of Kin
NS - Night Subsistence
NRPS - Non Regular Permanent Staff
NVG - Night-vision Goggles


OA - Operational Allowance
OAL - Ordinary Adoption Leave
OAS - Offensive Air Support
OASC - Officer and Aircrew Selection Centre
OC - Officer Commanding
OCA - Offensive Counter Air
OCASH - Overseas Cash Option Scheme
OCU - Operational Conversion Unit - Aircraft-specific training
OOA - Out of Area
OCE - Operational Commitments and Establishment
Ops - Operations
ORBAT - Order of Battle
ORD - Ordinary Retirement Date (The date at which officers retire)
OSD - Out of Service Date (when aircraft retire!)
OSG - Offensive Support Group
OFPS - Overseas Furniture Provision Scheme
OML - Ordinary Maternity Leave
ORA - Overseas Rent Allowance
OSR - Official Service Residence
OTR - On The Road


P&SS - Provost and Security Services
PAP - Privately Arranged Passage
PAR - Privately Arranged Rate
PAX PACCC - Personnel Allowances Casework and Complaints Cell - Passengers/Forces Life and Personal Injury Insurance
PC - Personal Contribution
PC - Permanent Commission
PCR - Private Car Rate of MMA
PE - Personal Effects
PEd - Physical Education
PEdO - Physical Education Officer
PJHQ - Permanent Joint Headquarters – based at Northwood
Plt Off - Pilot Officer
PMRAFNS - Princess Mary's Royal Air Force Nursing Service
POC - Point of Contact
PODL - Post Operational Deployment Leave
POL - Post Operational Leave
POL - Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants
PSA - Pay As You Earn (PAYE) Settlement Agreement
PStat Cat - Personal Status Category
PTI - Physical Training Instructor
PTR - Private Transport Rate (Civil Servant equivalent of Private Car Rate of MMA)
PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
PTVR - Part-Time Volunteer Reserves
PVR - Premature Voluntary Release


QARANC - Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps
QARNNS - Queen Alexandra's Royal Naval Nursing Service
QFI - Qualified Flying Instructor


RAA - Representational Attachment Allowance
RAF - Royal Air Force
RAFA - Royal Air Forces Association
RAFALO - RAFA Liaison Officer
RAFAT - Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team - The Red Arrows
RAFBF - RAF Benevolent Fund
RAF FF - RAF Families Federation
RAFLC - Royal Air Force Leadership Centre
RAFSA - Royal Air Force School of Administration                                      
RAP - Recognised Air Picture
RBL - Royal British Legion
REME - Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers - Army
Rep Sup - Representational Supplement
RFPS - Reserve Forces Pension Scheme
RJ(RL) - Respite Journeys (Remote Locations)
RLE - Refund of Legal Services
RLG - Relief Landing Grounds
RM - Royal Marines
RMAS - Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
RMP(SIB) - Royal Military Police (Special Investigation Branch)
RN - Royal Navy
ROAD - Review of Officer and Airmen Development
ROS - Return of Service
RPA - Remotely Piloted Air System (preferred RAF terminology to UAS/UAV)
RPAS - Remotely Piloted Air System (preferred RAF teminology to UAS/UAV)
R&R - Rest & Recuperation
RRA(L) - Recruitment and Retention Allowance
RSO - Removal Service Overseas
RTS - Recruit Training Squadron - located at RAF Halton
RW - Rotary Wing - helicopters (see also FW)
RWA - Residence at Work Address


SAC - Senior Aircraftman
SAR - Search & Rescue
SAS - Special Air Service
SATCOM - Satellite Communications
SCC - Service Complaints Commissioner
SCE - Service Children's Education
SCISS - Service Children in State Schools
SCS - Service Community Support
SCS - Service Contract Scheme
SCV - School Children's Visits
SDR - Strategic Defence Review
SDSR - Strategic Defence and Security Review
SE - Single engine
SEARW - Single Engine Advanced Rotary Wing
SEBRW - Single Engine Basic Rotary Wing
SERE - Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Extraction - form of training
SFA - Service Family Accommodation
Sgt - Sergeant
SH - Support Helicopter
SHAPE - Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
SHSS - Services Home Savings Scheme
SI - Seriously Ill
SITREP - Situation Report
SL - Service Leavers
SLA - Single Living Accommodation
SLI - Service Life Insurance
SMA - Special Messing Allowance
SMO - Senior Medical Officer
SO - Staff Officer
SOFA -Status of Forces Agreement
SPCP - Service Personnel Command Paper
SPED - Special Procurement of Evacuated Dwellings
SPPol - Service Personnel Policy
SPR - Selected Place of Residence
SPVA - Service Personnel and Veterans Agency now part of Defence Business Services (DBS)
SPVA PACCC - Service Personnel and Veterans Agency Pay and Allowances Casework Cell
Sqn - Squadron
Sqn Ldr - Squadron Leader
SR - Standard Rate of MMA (Civil Serivce equivalent of Official Duty Rate of MMA)
SRA - Service Resettlement Advisor
SSC - Short Service Commission
SSFA - Substitute Service Family Accommodation
SSLA - Substitute Single Living Accommodation
SSLOA - Small Station Local Overseas Allowance
SSSA - Substitute Service Single Accommodation
SSVC - Services Sound & Vision Corporation
SSAFA-FH - Soldiers, Sailors & Airmen’s Families Association – Forces Help
STOVL - Short Take-Off & Vertical Landing


T&COS - Terms & Conditions of Service
T&S - Travel and Subsistence
TACP - Tactical Air Control Party
TAOR - Tactical Area of Responsibility
TD - Training Development
TfL - Transport for London
TIALD - Thermal Imaging Airborne Laser Designator
TG - Training Group - now known as 'No 22 (Training) Group'
TGDA - Training Group Defence Agency
Theatre - Area of Operation
TLA - Three Letter Abbreviation
TLB - Top Level Budget
TMT - Trade Management Training
TOSD - Travel for Operational Stand Down
Trg - Training
TSARs - Tri-Service Accommodation Regulations
TWU - Tactical Weapons Unit


UA - Unauthorised Absence
UAS - University Air Squadrons
UAS - Unmanned Aerial System (preferred RAF terminology is RPAS)
UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (preferred RAF teminology is RPAS)
UB - Unaccompanied Baggage
UCE - University Cadet Entrant
UIN - Unit Identity Number
UK - United Kingdom
UKPASH - UK Private Arrangements Self-Help Scheme
UKRS - UK Removal Service
UL - Unlisted
ULA - Unpleasant Living Allowances
UnAcc - Unaccompanied
UNMINS - Unaccompanied Minors
UOTC - Univeresity Officer Training Corps
UUG - Uniform Upkeep Grant
UWA - Unpleasant Work Allowance


VO - Visiting Officer
VOLSEP - Voluntary Separation
VSI - Very Seriously Ill


WaSP - Welfare and Support Personnel - This is specific to RTS.
Wg Cdr - Wing Commander
WO - Warrant Officer
WWC - Warm Weather Clothing

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