Time off for dependents

Time off for dependents allows Service personnel unpaid leave to deal with emergencies that affect themselves or their dependents, where, in the opinion of the Commanding Officer (CO), there are insufficient grounds to grant paid compassionate leave.

Time off for dependents is unpaid and, therefore, is non-reckonable service and does not count towards seniority for promotion, completion of a commission/engagement or pension entitlements.

A dependant is the spouse, civil partner, partner, child or parent of the individual, or someone who lives in the same household as the individual.  A dependant can also be someone who reasonably relies on an individual to make arrangements for the provision of care or for assistance should they fall ill or are injured or assaulted.  For example, this could be an elderly aunt or grandparent.  It does not include tenants or boarders living in the family home, or someone who lives in the household as an employee, for example, a live-in housekeeper.

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