Gifts in wills

Thursday 7th February 2019

The RAF Benevolent Fund has launched a unique new animated campaign featuring two RAF veterans from different eras.

The animation tells the story of a Spitfire pilot from the Second World War and a more contemporary veteran who is injured after stepping on an IED in Afghanistan. The campaign aims to inform audiences about how they can ‘repay the debt we owe’ to all who have served their country by considering leaving a gift in their will.

The campaign has also been supported by Second World War Spitfire pilot Allan Scott.

Kate Galbraith, Gifts in Wills Manager at the RAF Benevolent Fund, said:

“The animation uses a famous speech from Sir Winston Churchill which urged post-War Britain to honour the service of all those who had sacrificed so much to ‘repay the debt we owe’. That sentiment still rings true today. We have a duty to ensure all RAF personnel, past and present, receive the help and support their service to their country deserves.”

The animation, designed by Art&Graft, will be screened on TV and social media until late February.

Image: The final scene from the animation. Photo: RAF Benevolent Fund

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