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Tuesday 21st November 2023

New Deployment Support Guides available for Service personnel, their family members and their young people. 

Three discrete guides have been produced, one each for Service person, their family members, such as parents, spouses or partners, and for families with children. The guides will be further tailored by local HiVE staff to provide information on the support available for families of deployed personnel at your Unit.

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Review of deployment support

The release is only the first stage in a much broader review of deployment support, which aims to reinvigorate the process and understand where good practices can be shared. This review has been initiated following the results from FAMCAS 2023, which highlighted deployment support as a particular area of increasing dissatisfaction amongst families. Further unit visits highlighted Service families want to be less reliant on all forms of digital communications, where volume often results in important messages are ‘lost in the noise’.

Discussions with units are due to start to improve deployment support across the RAF. Initially, the focus will be on units with a routinely high number of deployments/detachments (eg Coningsby, Lossiemouth, Wittering, Waddington and Leeming).

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