RAF Dispersed Families

Monday 20th January 2020

The RAF Dispersed Families project was launched in June 2017, looking at the experiences of those families in the RAF who do not live in Service Families Accommodation (SFA) at their parent unit.  As the project draws to a close we are pleased to be able to share a Summary Briefing Paper (below), drawing together some of the most significant findings from our research. 

Image shows the front cover of the RAF Dispersed Families Summary Briefing Paper.

The research

The research included online surveys for RAF personnel, their spouses/partners and unit welfare staff, in-depth family interviews, and a range of stakeholder meetings.  Participants identified benefits of dispersed living, in particular through home ownership and increased family stability.  However they also reported an increased sense of disadvantage in other areas; most significantly:

  • impact of separation on family relationships,
  • ability to access military facilities,
  • communications with the Service and access to welfare support,
  • integration within civilian communities 
  • impact on health and wellbeing 

The summary briefing paper presents these findings alongside recommendations to improve support for RAF dispersed families.

Accessing RAF FF reports

All RAF FF reports are stored online and available to all to access. This includes the recently published report: ‘The RAF Family – experiences from around the world.’

Image shows the front cover of the Survey highlights report plus a few opened pages of the report itself.

Any questions or comments are welcome and can be directed, in the first instance, to [email protected]

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