Wednesday 24th October 2018

Another example of where your comments and feedback is used and shared was at today’s Armed Forces Pay Review Body meeting in London where our Acting Director, Graeme Spark presented the ‘Life in the RAF 2018’ report.

The Federation’s report was a culmination of feedback given both online and at key RAF events such as station families days and workshop presentations. All aimed at sharing how life is for families and personnel in the RAF today. Just under 2,000 surveys were completed by family members and personnel and thank you to everyone who took part.

Acting Director, Graeme Spark MBE said:

“By providing feedback to the Federation you are enabling us to act as an independent voice for you to influence policy change. Your comments are treated anonymously and shared with the Senior Leadership Team in the RAF as well as the Ministry of Defence, other government departments and government ministers too.”

Copies of the report will be available online in November and also in hard copy format.

To be notified when the report is available, you can sign up to the free eBulletin online (it’s easy to unsubscribe) or telephone the office to ask for a hard copy to be sent to you on 01780 781650.



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