Friday 11th December 2020

Watch the RAF Families Federation’s new short film to find out why you should make use of this friendly team of specialists. Contact the team to receive confidential support and advice on any challenges you may face as RAF personnel or family members.

The RAF FF provides an independent voice for you all as personnel (single, married or in a partnership) and all of your families; working to improve your quality of life at work or at home, wherever you are in the world.

Let us help you

This could include helping you resolve problems such as:

  • Access to education or healthcare for children and young people
  • Sorting out problems with accommodation
  • Benefits and visas
  • Issues with Personal Contract Purchases (PCPs) on cars
  • Helping military spouses find meaningful employment

All issues that arise from having a mobile lifestyle.

Our impact

By asking for our support with the challenges you face, you are making a difference. We identify the key emerging issues and can use the data to represent the RAF community’s needs to politicians, the Chain of Command and policy makers in governments across the United Kingdom.

We work with many other specialist organisations to make sure you are talking to the experts, getting the best advice and being treated fairly and do not face disadvantage because of the unique nature of Service life.

Contact us

It’s easy to contact us through our online form in the first instance. Team members are all remotely working due to COVID-19 so will be able to pick up your queries independently.

Keep in touch

We also have our own quarterly magazine, Envoy, a weekly online eBulletin and various social media forums and groups that you can register with for free.

Collage image of the whole RAF FF Team
The RAF Families Federation Team

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