Tuesday 4th August 2020

Changes to the RAF Central Fund (RAFCF) lottery are set to deliver more charitable funding for sport and physical activities.

The RAFCF is the charity that safeguards the health and wellbeing of serving RAF personnel through sport and physical activities. They have announced changes to its principal fundraising tool, the RAF Sports Lottery.

The charity has increased the maximum ticket holding to six and has introduced more prizes, doubling the weekly winners from 10 to 20. These changes, which will come into effect from 1 September 2020, will not only reward players by increasing their chances of winning but will enable the RAF Central Fund to generate more charitable funding to support sport and physical activities across the RAF.

Niki Graske, RAF Sports Lottery Promoter, comments:

“We’ve listened to our players and beneficiaries, most recently through the results of our charity’s insight survey into RAF sport and physical activities. Players of the Sports Lottery want more chances to win a cash prize and for more charitable funding to be made available to help serving personnel stay fit and healthy – and so we are happy to have been able to make changes that tick both boxes”

The changes to the Sports Lottery come into effect in September, with the first draw of new prizes taking place on Friday 4 September 2020. Players who wish to increase their ticket holding can do so from 1 September 2020 by contacting Sterling Lotteries who run the Lottery on our behalf.

The RAF Central Fund established the RAF Sports Lottery in 1993 and since then the charity has been the principal funder of sport and physical activities in the RAF. Since 2004, the Lottery has awarded more than £15 million in cash prizes and the charitable funding generated by our players has provided support in excess of £21 million through grants to RAF Stations, Sports Associations and individuals.

Membership of the RAF Sports Lottery is only available to serving (Regular and Reservists) and former serving RAF personnel so players are part of an exclusive club.

For those who wish to find out more information about the changes to the Lottery or would like to register to play visit the RAFCF website.

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