Tuesday 15th September 2020

The feeling of isolation whilst on deployment can be hard to deal with, being away from home and missing the comfort of family and friends. As we know, exercise has many benefits, not only for physical health but also mental wellbeing. For many serving personnel, the Station gym is somewhere that provides a welcome distraction from the demands placed upon them whilst at work.

A detachment to the Falklands can be particularly challenging; even more so during the winter months where the weather can be so extreme that even going outside for a short period of time can be difficult. With extreme arctic winds it is often impossible to exercise outside, meaning that the Station gym becomes a key facility for personnel to exercise year-round during their time in this isolated location.

A test of endurance, The Falklands Challenge represents a key motivation for personnel using the gym. Providing a goal to focus on and work towards during a deployment, the challenge helps to increase energy levels, improve physical and mental health as well as create an element of competition amongst those completing it. This healthy rivalry often spreads to others within the section which in turn, increases the numbers exercising, improving overall health and team spirit.

Upon completion of a gruelling 574km land distance using a treadmill or spinning bike, as well as swimming or using a rowing machine to cover a 62km water distance, participants are presented with a commemorative t-shirt to mark the occasion. An Enrichment Grant was awarded by the RAF Central Fund for 700 of these t-shirts, provided by a local supplier on the island.

Congratulations from the team at the RAF Central Fund to everyone who has taken on and completed The Falklands Challenge so far.

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