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Friday 16th July 2021

Are you someone who likes to get involved in community projects by lending a hand? The MCN are looking for people who can spare a few hours over the next couple of months to help transform their spaces into stylish coworking hubs. They are also looking for partners who want to help grow the coworking community in their area.

If you are based in or around the following locations: Aldershot, Catterick, RAF Leeming, Bulford, RAF Valley, Bovington, RMA Sandhurst, Chivenor, Leuchars, Blandford and HMNB Clyde then please contact the MCN team at [email protected]. If you are on Facebook each of the locations mentioned have an online community group you can join.

To find out more about the Military Coworking Network then head to their website.

Why people choose to use a Military Coworking Space

Soon after arriving in Cyprus, I could feel the isolation creeping in; spending hours and days working at my dining table became lonely. I decided I would like to work in a space with others like me and not have to spend so much time alone, with nobody to bounce ideas off, have a coffee break, or even arrange a Christmas party! Delyth Moylan – Cyprus Member

Working from home left me feeling lonely and isolated from the community. Having now discovered and joined the coworking hub, I now have new friends and a great place to work from. MCN member

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