Tuesday 1st December 2020

In December our relationship pages get a surge in traffic, which suggests Christmas can place relationships under additional strain. Here we share sources of information and help for RAF families.

The difference between a rough patch and relationship problems

At the RAF Families Federation, we know all too well that Service life and relationships can be tricky at the best of times. Most of us have served ourselves or are a spouse, partner or ‘other-half’, so we’ve been there and got the t-shirt. If you are currently experiencing a rocky patch, you’re amongst friends!

The odd disagreement here and there is completely normal! But, if you are finding it tough and are constantly worried about your relationship you may need extra support to resolve your differences.

Where to go for relationship help?

Reassuringly, there is so much help available to you individually and as a couple! And, as part of the RAF Family, you will often be able to access it free or with costs subsidised.

Take a look at our Relationship Support pages and give your relationship some TLC – there is absolutely no shame in asking for help!

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