Friday 12th June 2020

Given all that we know you have been dealing with over the last few months, we have had considerably fewer responses to our Childcare Survey than we expected (the Naval and Army Families Federations have received over 1000 responses each). We don’t want your voices to be lost in this tri-Service reach out to families so please share your feedback online. We have until 3 July!

Please tell us what your experiences are of childcare –the good and the bad.  Use this opportunity to inform policy makers and set the agenda for consideration of how to help Service families with their childcare in the future.  We will close the survey on Friday 3 July.

When we surveyed families in 2016, over 1000 of you responded, and that valuable evidence really helped to keep this at the top of the agenda enabled us to keep pushing the issue with stakeholders. Developments include a new childcare focused team at Directorate Children and Young People, a manifesto pledge for assistance with wrap-around childcare (piloted shortly across the three services) and increased interests from RAF Charities which has in turn led to the RAFA KIDZ initiative, improving quality and delivery of childcare at an increasing number of stations around the country. 

Your responses DO make a difference.

We are keen that a lower response from RAF Families is not seen as implied satisfaction with the status quo. We hear anecdotally from people when quality improves and when people are struggling – please tell us now in this survey.

We are really grateful to all those who have responded during such challenging times – and we hope many more of you can find 15 minutes to give us your thoughts before Friday 3 July.

Childcare collage to represent military children of all ages.

Further information

The RAF FF website offers much more information and guidance in the Education section online, or specific support during the COVID-19 pandemic is available too.

If you wish to approach the RAF FF with any queries on education or childcare, simply use our online form in the first instance to confidentially contact us.

Image of Louise Briggs, Policy Advisor for Education and Childcare, RAF FF

Louise Briggs (pictured) is our Policy Advisor for Education and Childcare.

Imagery ©RAF FF

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