Friday 11th December 2020

There is a lot of support out there for the spouses, partners and children of Service personnel. But what about the ‘parents of’? Being the parent of a Service person brings with it a unique set of challenges, so here we signpost you to resources and support available just for you.

“When I was a kid my parents moved a lot, but I always found them.” 
Rodney Dangerfield

Resources for ‘parents of’

Are you the parent of someone serving in the RAF? Keeping in-touch can be difficult when they are working away a lot. Throw in two lockdowns and the extra challenges of COVID this year, maintaining closeness is more difficult than ever – and, many of you will have embraced ‘digital’ to replace physical contact.

If you are a Facebook user, may we suggest that you join our RAF Families Facebook Group run specifically for families of RAF personnel. And, separate to the Families Federation, but with our involvement, the ‘Parents of…’ Group which is run by a group of parents of serving personnel. Both groups can offer you friendly support, help and advice, and a sense of connection.

Resources for grandparents of Service children

Are you a grandparent too? If you are the grandparent of a Service child you might find these resources useful too:

Do you look after your grandchildren to help out? This course useful will give you a flavour of how your grandchildren are learning at school (it’s very different to even a few years ago!) and provide you with ideas to work through with them.

Or, are your grandchildren based away from you? The RAF Association recently expanded their Storybook Wings offering to include grandparents too – stay in touch with your grandchildren by recording a story for them.

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