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Wednesday 2nd June 2021

To help you navigate school admissions our education policy adviser has compiled a list of the top 5 school admissions information sources.

Each year we get an influx of school admissions queries and requests for help and this list is compiled from the information sources shared as part of the guidance we have offered.

1. The local authority

Check if the local authority you are moving to offers extra help and advice to Armed Forces families and if they do – use it!  West Yorkshire, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough all publish handbooks for instance and Hampshire have produced a video with a handbook shortly available. Even if the publications are aimed at Schools supporting Service children they will have useful information for you to know. 

2. The school

Check the admission criteria from the school or local authority and what they say about armed forces children – some may have specific information. Contact the admissions authorities as early as you can, even if you think you are outside any timetable they have set. Tell them you are an Armed Forces Family.

3. Our Website

Use our website to check what the Schools Admissions Code and advice for Crown Servants says about school admissions, and to read our articles and schools admissions briefing note.  There is an update expected in 2021 to the Schools Admissions Code which, we expect, will help Armed Forces families who live at private addresses and making In year moves, so check our website for the latest information so that you understand what admissions authorities are obliged to do for you and your children.  If in doubt you can get in touch with us using the ‘Report an Issue’ button 

4. Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS)

CEAS is part of Defence Children Services, they have professional Education Officers with training in admissions and appeals.  Read the advice and contact them if you need further support.  It is particularly important if you are a mobile family with children with SEND – get in touch with CEAS early and they can help.  Registering children with SEND with CEAS will mean that they have all the details ready that they need to help you. 

5. Local HIVE

For local information contact the HIVE or the Community Development Officer on a station.  They may have well developed links with local schools and admissions authorities and information on issues such as transport availability.  The online HIVE Finder can help you with contact details. 

Moving to Scotland or Wales?

There are guides to help you understand the differences in education systems – head to SSCE Cymru website for Wales or to Forces Children’s Education for Scotland. If you are moving to NI, contact us and we can put you in touch with people who can help.

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Throughout the months of May and June our social feeds will be dominated by education and childcare information for Service families with children and young people. We will be sharing useful information, resources, tips and advice.

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