Wednesday 27th May 2020

The RAF Families Federation were pleased to join the other Families Federations, policy makers, academics and charities on the Service Children’s Progression (SCiP) Alliance’s webinar to launch the report on 14 May. 

As well as giving a master class in hosting a virtual event, Michael Hall and Phil Dent from the SCiP Alliance demonstrated how the report is required reading for anyone interested in developing their support for Service children. Stakeholders from across the UK – from charities, local authorities and devolved governments and higher educations, presented some wonderful case studies of listening in practice.

The four overarching principles of listening – be deliberate, open, child centered and willing to change as well as the five key recommendations will be invaluable to professionals and practitioners working with Service children and young people who want to improve or develop listening.

Louise Briggs, Policy Advisor for Education and Childcare said:

“The RAF Families Federation is proud to work with the SCiP Alliance and other stakeholders, advocating for our children and young people and we will continue to support and contribute to their work wherever we can.  Parents of Service children can share this work from SCiP with governors, schools and other settings supporting Service children to raise awareness and promote best practice.”

Phil Dent, SCiP Alliance Director, said:

“The Year of the Service Child Voice has been a fantastic opportunity to explore the listening practices already going among Alliance partners and the report captures the essence of the Alliance. It demonstrates that our commitment to put the voices of Service children at the heart of all we do is very real; it shows the huge diversity of practice among an equally diverse range of partners that make up the Alliance; and it is a wonderful example of how we turn our shared knowledge and practice into simple and, hopefully, useful guidance to allies old and new – if you want to put Service children’s voices at the heart of what you do, be deliberate, be open, be child-centred and be willing to change.

SCiP Alliance report cover - Listening to Learn the voices of Service Children.

Read the full report and the case studies on the SCiP Alliance website and you can also access the recording of the webinar.

See also the RAF FF’s online Education and Childcare section.

Story Image by emmaws4s from Pixabay

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