Ken Wood helping after overseas tour

Ken Wood shares how the RAF Families Federation has recently helped Louise to obtain a ‘Certificate of Good Conduct’ on her return to the UK. The certificate was required as a result of her accompanying her Serving husband on an overseas posting and was needed to support a DBS check following a new job offer.

The situation

Having just moved back from an overseas posting, RAF family member, Louise came to the RAF FF’s Support and Outreach Team as she needed a Certificate of Good Conduct (a Police and criminal check) and wasn’t sure how to go about obtaining one.

This was required in addition to the standard DBS clearance checks to cover the two-year period Louise was living overseas. It’s a process needed following a job offer at a school on her return to the UK.

How we helped

On exploring this issue further, the Support and Outreach Team were made aware that the Service Police Bureau Vetting officer can provide the necessary checks at no cost so we provided Louise with the relevant information to make contact.


Louise used the services of the Service Police Bureau Vetting Officer and within a couple of days obtained the necessary paperwork.

Louise said:

“Without the help of the RAF FF, even at a signposting level, I wouldn’t have known who to ask or where to turn to for this clearance. I may well have lost the job opportunity as a result. Ken from the RAF FF was friendly, easy to talk to, fast and efficient and really helpful and thank you again for your help.”

Here’s how to obtain your Certificate of Good Conduct

Before contacting the RMP Team, the below information below will be required:

  1. Full name including any previous names. (maiden name, deed poll change)
  2. Date and place of birth.
  3. Military Service number if applicable.
  4. Your current Home Address.
  5. Copy of photo ID, your passport would be excellent.
  6. The dates (from and to) and countries you require the certificate to cover.

Email to request your certificate.

Once all the relevant background checks have been performed a pdf copy of your Police Certificate will be e-mailed to you.

How the RAF Families Federation can help you

These cases highlight the impact that we can have when dealing with outside agencies and how we can make a difference and influence organisations to look at its procedures to help Service personnel and their families.

Not every case ends up with success, but we are always able to explain the reason a decision has not been made in favour of the Serving person and their family members – and if an emerging theme of disadvantage can be seen we are in a position to do the lobbying.

Contact the team:

You can contact us in the first instance using the ‘Report an Issue’ form.

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