Serving personnel

Service complaints

Do you feel that you have been treated unfairly, or are you concerned about inappropriate behaviour by serving personnel impacting on you or others?

You can contact us about this through our ‘Report an Issue’ link at the RAF FF (a confidential service).  In addition, there are various routes to support and action:

RAF complaints process

Individuals intending to make a service complaint are advised to read Redress of individual grievances: service complaints (JSP 831) or to seek advice from their local human resource staff or from their equality and diversity adviser. Either of those will be able to explain how the matter might be resolved informally or how to submit a formal complaint. The Annex F service complaint form, which should be used to submit a formal service complaint, is also in JSP 831.

Contact the team at SCT Admin Support on 95221 6468 (01494 496468) or email [email protected]

Service Complaints Ombudsman for the Armed Forces

The Ombudsman provides independent oversight of the service complaints system. Individuals who do not feel able to approach their Commanding Officer can submit an allegation to the Ombudsman who will consider whether it would be appropriate to refer the matter to the relevant service.

The Ombudsman has significant new powers, including investigating whether an individual’s complaint was handled correctly or whether there was undue delay in the process.

You can phone 020 7877 3450 or email [email protected]

Independent human rights organisation – Liberty

If you don’t wish to report this to your chain of command or are at all worried, you can go to Liberty.  If you are already involved in the Service Complaints system and feel in need of additional support, Liberty has launched a dedicated legal advice phone line for serving and former members of the UK Armed Forces.

The Helpline is designed to provide some initial advice or sign-posting for those who need it. It aims to alleviate some of the complexity of the military legal system and provide free legal advice.

Available to current and former service personnel and their families only, the line will be open from 10am-4pm Monday to Friday on 020 3102 9313.