Monday 15th June 2020

You may remember the recent ‘Let us Brighten Your Day’ initiative where the RAF Families Federation and the Annington Trust joined together to offer RAF personnel and families the chance of nominating someone to be sent a little ‘something’ during the COVID-19 lockdown. Well, many have so kindly written back and given us permission to use their thank you pictures and we’d like to share them with you.

Items included board games, puzzles, sports equipment, garden activities, WiFi extenders, chocolates, web cams.


Lead co-ordinator, Ruth McClelland had the job of ordering the many gifts for everyone and said:

“The applications received came from a full cross section of the RAF Family which was lovely to see as we wanted it to be for everyone – those on overseas postings included. The loveliest thing that really stood out was that people were clearly thinking of others, not just those closer to home. Some colleagues even nominated each other – it really was a great project to work on.”

Image of Ruth in a Jester's hat sat in and amongst boxes of gifts to send out to families on the Brighten your Day project.

Ruth McClelland, RAF FF’s Office Manager ©RAF FF

Examples of successful applications:

  • A Serviceman had requested Web Cam and WiFi extender for his 11 year old brother. He hadn’t seen him since the start of lockdown. His brother had a computer but with no camera attached. No mobile phone either. These items would them to see each other rather than just talk on a telephone.
  • A family had been shielding since the beginning of the restrictions with a young family (partner and 2 children) and due to a significant medical issue with one of the children. This has been an extremely difficult time for the whole family whilst in and out of hospital and now waiting on further medical results. This nomination was provided by the father’s boss and toys/family games were requested.
  • A family returned from overseas to spend time with a terminally ill father. Due to the circumstances and being unable to see him made things very hard time for everyone. Dad is a veteran and loves the Armed Forces still to this day and was given a military t’shirt from the children.


Examples of comments received:

  • What a wonderful gesture.
  • Thank you so much for supporting the RAF by offering to ‘Brighten Our Day’ – a lovely idea.
  • It is amazing you are providing this opportunity to help personnel through this crisis.
  • What a lovely gesture this is, in these unprecedented times!
  • Thank you for organising this great initiative to help people through such difficult times.


Thank you to Annington Trust for making this tri-Service initiative possible!

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