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Time out of the office is one of the perks of being in the military, an opportunity to get involved in new sport, or push yourself further that you ever thought you could. If you have a passion for sport, simply want to be outside with nature, or want to see what you are made of…there is something for everyone!

The RAF has more than 50 sporting associations active today, ranging from the mainstream sports such as hockey, netball, football, badminton and rugby, to the more extreme, such as kite surfing, sports parachuting, motor sports and snowboarding.  Whatever you might be interested in, there is an association for you, you just need to get involved.

These associations are all independently run and have networks of people organising events throughout the sporting year. There are training evenings and training weekends, overseas visits and Inter-Service competitions. Novice training camps are generally run on an annual basis to encourage participation, so you may have never even thought about having a go at surfing…but you can learn with the RAF. With the evenings getting lighter, there is more time to get outside after a long day in the office. A great opportunity to get involved.

All the information you might need can be found on the RAF Sports page.

Sport is one thing…but let’s not forget about Force Development and Adventurous Training.  There are so many opportunities for AT at the moment and most of them are even organised for you. The Eagles Scheme provides a number of expeds across the UK and overseas, and this summer you could be klettersteig mountaineering in Bavaria or canoeing in Sweden.  More details can be found on the 22 (Training) Group, RAF Eagle Scheme MOSS site. 






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