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Thursday 4th July 2019

If you are an RAF spouse/partner who works for the NHS with a partner deployed overseas, the NHS would welcome hearing from you. The aim is to help the NHS Armed Forces Conference event planners by helping be part of an opening film at their annual conference, sharing your story.

Gemma Wright, Programme Lead for the NHS Armed Forces Network says:

“What we are looking for is a spouse who currently works in the NHS whose partner is deployed overseas (and will be when we come to film in August/September) who is willing to be filmed as part of the video. The spouse would need to work within England and we would potentially ask for a telephone interview with their partner* to be included in the final film.”

*It is requested that before any filming work is carried out of any service personnel, that they obtain permission from his/her Chain of Command first.

If you are interested in helping, please contact [email protected]

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