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As part of the New Employment Model (NEM), the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has teamed up with a number of separate organisations to address barriers to employment for spouses of those serving in the military. These really are brilliant opportunities and well worth looking further into.

The Partner Employment Programme (PEP) provides a range of opportunities to spouses and civil partners including job readiness and self-employment support, career consultation and training grants. There are also dates for future courses etc available for you to explore and book on. Most are pre-funded so in most cases, you'll find you don't have to part with any money. Some really fantastic opportunities!

PEP comprises of three elements:


Latest PEP Infographic:

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Accountancy, Finance and Business online through ACCA-X

ACCA-X is an exciting low cost way to study via an online learning programme to support learners everywhere interested in accountancy, finance and business.

Why choose ACCA-X?

  • High quality - innovative digital learning designed with you in mind, whatever your learning style
  • Affordable - free and affordable courses preparing you for work and exams
  • Flexible - available anytime, anywhere, on multiple devices. Take your learning with you, to suit your lifestyle
  • Relevant - achieve your career ambitions and goals. Get ahead with the skills that make you stand out.

Free online courses

ACCA-X's first two courses are available to anyone, anywhere in the world:

Supported by online tutors who will guide learners through exciting and interactive content that is designed to support individuals gain financial literacy skills. This is the perfect starting point to improve your skills, gain a globally recognised qualification and improve your employability, or perhaps to give you the basics of finance if you plan to start your own business!


“Being a military wife means I move around a lot and I have not worked since my daughter was born over a year ago so studying is helping me get back into work and do something for myself again. I was lucky enough to speak to my Families Federation representative at a coffee morning and she put me in touch with the ACCA.

"The ACCA qualifications allow me to study at a time to suit me, I am able to do the course in the evening and I don't have to travel or find child care in order to study. I have found the course both enjoyable and challenging but most importantly it enables me to learn without having large fees to pay and it is flexible”.

Want to register?

It’s key that if you are interested, to go through Jonathan Maddams to register so he has the visibility and can ensure you receive all the support you need. Registering through Jonathan is also the only way to ensure you get the discounted 50% off exam costs and no annual subscription costs.

You can copy Jonathan an email with any queries.


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