SSAFA Coming Out of Lockdown talk, 19th June 2021, presented by Sara Cook

Monday 7th June 2021

SSAFA presents virtual online talk ‘Coming Out of Lockdown’ to members of it’s three support groups, or those eligible.

Sign up for the ‘Coming out of Lockdown’ talk

The virtual talk will be hosted by SSAFA on Saturday 19th June 2021, 10:00 – 12:30.

To register, email [email protected] by Friday 11 June 2021 to reserve your place.

What will the talk cover?

As we come out of lockdown, many people find that certain stresses arise as we begin to leave our homes and re-engage in society. This session will provide tools and techniques to use to keep in-balance as we emerge from lockdown. The first hour will include a short presentation, discussing and practicing suggested tools and a 10 minute Q&A. During the second hour, the group will be put into smaller groups (fathers, mothers, wives etc.) which will give participants an opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have.

About the presenter

Sara Cook is originally from the United States but has lived and worked in Northern Ireland since 2001. Much of Sara’s work has involved facilitating dialogue and storytelling encounters with diverse groups of people impacted by the conflict in Northern Ireland, including former security forces, ex-prisoners and those bereaved or injured. Sara headed an organisation that was one of the first to bring former British soldiers back to Northern Ireland to engage in dialogue with civilians, as well as including others from England, Scotland and Wales who had been affected by the conflict in Northern Ireland.

Sara also provides training in trauma-informed resiliency work to mental health practitioners, educators, non-profit leaders, etc. She has trained people from Malaysia, Mauritius, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Pakistan, Sudan, the DRC, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Albania, Serbia, Georgia, France, Germany, the UK and the United States. Sara recently travelled to the border of Turkey and Syria to train humanitarian aid workers supporting Syrian refugees in resilience-building skills. Sara is a lecturer and field director for the Conflict Transformation Certificate Program at St. Mary’s University, Texas.

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