SSAFA mentoring scheme boosted by Landmarc

Wednesday 26th June 2024

The Transitional Mentoring Scheme run by SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity has provided hundreds of men and women with advice and support as they move from a career in the Armed Forces to Civvy Street.

The scheme has been given a boost by SSAFA’s longstanding partnership with Landmarc Support Services in a pilot programme as 10 of the facilities management provider’s employees have recently “graduated” from a training course to become mentors, and is being announced during Armed Forces Week.

Landmarc became a supporter of SSAFA in 2019, and since then it has donated over £160,000 to the charity. While Its support has focused in the main on the charity’s mentoring service, Landmarc is also a main sponsor of the charity’s Wellbeing Conference for mentoring service volunteers, and its staff routinely hold fundraising events in support of SSAFA.

One of the new mentors is Landmarc’s Sheryl Ray, Team Leader at Ash Ranges in Surrey.

A veteran, she knows some of the struggles that can be faced when leaving the Armed Forces, and said:

“I wasn’t aware of organisations like SSAFA when I left the Armed Forces, so I wanted to be able to be that listening ear and help support and signpost others using the knowledge and tools SSAFA provides.

“The course itself was amazing; I took away so much and learnt a lot about myself during the training. Even though I’m nervous, I feel confident about taking on the next challenge and being assigned people to mentor.

“I just want to thank the trainers, Landmarc and my fellow team members on the course for making it an extremely rewarding and insightful three days. I can’t think of a better charity to do this for to help service leavers and their families.”

Another new mentor from the SSAFA-Landmarc partnership is Soft FM Assurance Manager, Jamie Hutch.

Jamie, who served 24 years with the Ministry of Defence, commented:

“I thought this was the perfect opportunity to give something back. During my career, managing and helping my teams was the element that motivated me most, so I’m honoured to be given this opportunity and feel prepared to provide the guidance and support required in all circumstances.

“At times, the course was challenging and emotionally difficult, yet inspiring, leaving me in awe of some of my amazing colleagues. Some of their life experiences humbled me.”

The Transitional Mentoring Scheme sits within SSAFA’s Volunteer Operations team. Its director, Julie McCarthy, added:

“I’m delighted to welcome these first 10 Landmarc mentors to SSAFA’s Mentoring scheme.

“Their commitment to the next generation of service leavers as they re-enter civilian life reflects the commitment Landmarc itself has to the Armed Forces community past, present, and future, and underlines the immense value – and success – of the partnership between our two organisations.”

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