Thursday 28th May 2020

The Summer edition of Envoy magazine goes live on 1 June and is free to subscribe to if you haven’t already. It’s written for both Service personnel as well as family members and is aimed at helping you feel connected to life in and around the RAF.

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Two images of the Red Arrows article in the Summer edition of Envoy magazine 2020.

The Red Arrows Showcase Best of British across North America ©Crown Copyright 2019.

Welcome from the Editor:

In this the Summer edition I always like to add a spotlight on one of the RAF’s display teams so that we can all feel connected and ready for the display season ahead. This year we have the Red Arrows and whilst their piece isn’t necessarily about the much loved air shows, I hope you still enjoy indulging in a bit of a read about this amazing aerobatic team.

Our features section also includes some very welcome RAF Programme HYDRO news, about the recovery of heating and hot water across the Air Estate – a mammoth task.

There are also many pieces around health and wellbeing. One is about a Facebook Group that’s there purely for parents and run by the parents of those who serve. It is great to follow how everyone supports each other through what can be a significant period of change for family dynamics when sons and daughters head off on their initial training and beyond.

Finally… wherever we are on this COVID-19 path by the time you read this, I can say safely on behalf of the whole RAF FF team, that our thoughts and thanks go out to all those families whose lives have been affected by this unprecedented situation.

Please keep in touch. It’s great to hear from you.

[email protected]

Extract of Envoy contents - How the RAF FF can help article.

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Image of two spouses we have written articles on in Envoy Summer edition 2020.

Meet Jo and Chloe – both ladies run their own businesses to work alongside the unique and mobile life that comes with being part of the Armed Forces.

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