Family access to Stations – this survey is now closed.

Thank you to all who took the time to give their views.

This questionnaire is being carried out by the RAF Families Federation as part of the Dispersed Families Project.  This work is being conducted in response to concerns raised with us – both through the project and other RAF FF channels – related to families’ ability to access community facilities located on an RAF station (or other military unit) close to their home.  We have therefore put together this short survey, in order to assess how widespread the issue is and what impact it might have on families.    

Who can take part?

The survey is aimed at current RAF Serving personnel and their spouses/partners.  Only adult family members aged 18 or older are eligible to take part. 

Why should I take part?

By taking part you will provide valuable evidence that will be used to inform future support and policy.  You may also find it helpful to share your views and read about the experiences of other families through the project report.  The survey should only take about 5 minutes to complete.

Our life in the RAF, views from RAF personnel and families – this survey is now closed.

Thank you to all who took the time to give their views.

We need your help as RAF personnel, together with your partners by completing this five-minute online survey. All aimed at influencing future policy changes on your life in the RAF.

Our short survey has been completed already by some of you at Station Families Days and if that was you – thank you for your time in sharing your comments.

The aim of this survey is to gather anonymous information about some of the issues that you as RAF personnel and your families frequently report through the Armed Forces Continuous Attitude Survey (AFCAS) or Families Continuous Attitude Survey (FAMCAS) that have received negative or poor responses.  Responses from individuals will not be identified and the survey has a routing plan based on responses that should take no longer than five minutes, unless more detail to specific questions is offered.

Our reports

All our reports are available online. If you would prefer a hard copy, please contact us at

Without you, we have no voice…

We are funded by the RAF but sit outside the Chain of Command as an independent organisation. We provide a voice for the issues and concerns you have about life in the RAF, and we have direct access to senior RAF and MOD staffs as well as DIO and Government Ministers. We will always maintain your anonymity and respect your privacy. Together with your feedback, we can help influence positive change. To keep ahead of what surveys are live and when, you can sign up to our weekly eBulletin.

We collect evidence in all sorts of ways

Workshops Our Evidence Team can come to you on your Station and run really short, snappy interactive workshops using voting pads. Allow an hour per workshop and learn more about how the Families Federation can help you too. Online, in your own time We have various short surveys available online where you simply click in and whiz down through the survey. Takes 5 minutes! We can’t see who the results are from either; only the Station you are from so we can address potential key issues in regional locations. Have an idea for a survey? Contact the RAF FF team to share any ideas on what areas you think we should investigate more and we’ll investigate further.

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