We use reports to make change happen

Without you, we have no voice…

Although we are funded by the RAF we are an independent organisation and sit outside of the Chain of Command. We provide a voice for the ‘RAF family’, on the issues you experience and the concerns you have, with direct access to senior RAF and MOD staff, DIO and Government Ministers. We will always maintain your anonymity and respect your privacy. Together with your feedback (evidence), we can help influence positive change.

How we collect evidence

  • Contact Form – when you come to us with your concerns and the challenges you this provides us with a source of evidence. If we observe trend in the issues reported to us, we can use this data (in its anonymised form) to lobby for change. We also use this information to guide our forum discussions and online surveys.
  • The RAF Community Forum – A group of RAF personnel and family members who meet online to discuss experiences of topical issues, to add depth to our survey findings.

  • ‘Drop-in’ clinics – with our ‘Drop-in’ sessions our Support and Outreach Team come to you. Giving you, our personnel and family members, the opportunity to confidentially discuss any outstanding issues or concerns.

  • Online surveys – Periodically, we run online surveys to gather your feedback on emerging issues. All responses are confidential, only your station is recorded which allows us to address potential issues in regional locations. Any live surveys are promoted via eBulletin and our social media channels.

Latest news

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