Flexible Service

Flexible Service

2019-05-17T14:09:27+01:004th April 2019|

Flexible Service became law on 1 April 2019, allowing Regular personnel of the Armed Forces to ask to temporarily work part-time and/or restrict their separation from home base.

New initiatives introduced to support modern service life

2019-04-10T09:49:57+01:001st April 2019|

These new measures, including new flexible working arrangements, expanded accommodation options and new co-habitation rules are designed to modernise the armed forces and ensure the military remains a competitive employer that meets the changing needs and expectations of service personnel and their families.

Introduction of Flexible Service – one year to go

2018-04-04T11:43:10+01:004th April 2018|

Flexible Service will provide personnel with more options to help them manage their lives. With a year to go until launch, we talked to the leader of the project team responsible, Group Captain Justin Fowler, about what it means for Service Personnel and their families.

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