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Monday 27th January 2020

As the Dispersed Families project draws to a close we have recently released a number of reports to highlight the main findings from our research. 

Full findings from our work into RAF dispersed families living in the UK are now available through a short Summary Briefing Paper. 

While investigating the experiences of dispersed families in the UK we came across a significant number of families with problems accessing any base, including sometimes the one where their serving family member was based. This impacted on them in a number of ways, and we wanted to understand the potential wider issues – and also what aspects of accessing a base were of most use to families.

The RAF FF carried out further research into this issue, and has now released a report with recommendations on how to improve Access to Bases for RAF families.

Please continue to contact us if you experience an issue accessing a base – all the evidence is really helpful! [email protected]

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The ‘Access to bases’ report can be found on our website.

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